Investment Principles

Third Eye Capital helps good companies with unique situations solve business problems with financing that recognizes the latent value in assets that others perceive as too complex or risky. We do this by consistently applying a set of investment principles that guide our relationship with borrowers from investment through to success.

Build Win-Win Relationships

Our portfolio companies are not trades to generate selfish profits, but investment opportunities to realize mutual value. We structure our financing in order to align interests toward achieving business success.

Look at Potential not Past

We look beyond the numbers and believe that a company's potential is more important than its history. We take a complete view of each situation and assess risk by understanding a business through on the ground interactions not a backward looking financial statement.

Ignore the Obvious

Unique problems usually require unconventional solutions. We see value that others miss by focusing on the details hidden beneath the data, and then formulate financing solutions rooted in practical experience not textbook theory. Good analysis is easy but good judgment can only come from experience.

Be Courageous

Growth requires stretching your capabilities and taking risks. We are not afraid to invest where or when others will not, and once we decide to invest, we are committed to your success regardless of the market or economy.

Value Must Exceed Price

The cost of our financing should be incidental to value we help create, whether through the knowledge and networks we provide, or the milestones you reach because of us.

Think Differently

Challenge conventional wisdom and imagine new possibilities. We create innovative financing solutions that better solve your problems while still managing our risks.

Never Assume

Every situation is unique and each opportunity is new. We do not take anything for granted and ask questions even if we think we know the answers. Properly understanding your business is the best way for us to help you flourish.

Always Deliver

You can depend on us to act with the highest ethical standards in all of our interactions and follow thru on every one of our commitments.