Investment Criteria

Third Eye Capital offers innovative financing solutions to private and public borrowers, across different industries, in many types of businesses, and experiencing various situations.

While each opportunity is unique, Third Eye Capital looks for companies that possess the following attributes:

Valuable Asset Collateral

Senior liens on self-liquidating working capital assets and critical business assets with realizable liquidation values.

Stakeholder Support

Strong customer, supplier, employee, sub-lender, and/or shareholder relationships.

Proven Business Model

Sound business strategy with visible product demand and capacity for cash flow generation to limit default risk.

Multiple Exits

Wide range of delevaraging options not dependent on refinancing or collateral realization and liquidation.

Strong Management

Experienced management teams commited to business and aligned through personal risk and ownership.

Our financing terms are tailored to match your unique situation:
Revolving and term loans
Interest, fees, and kickers depending on situation
$10 Million to $100+ Million
Financial and operational depending on situation
Demand or committed up to 5 years
Primarily Canada. United States in special situations
Interest only, flexible repayment
Financial Condition
Growth, turnaround, distress, restructuring
Key assets with consideration to “hard-to-see” assets such as mineral resources, IP, software code, customer lists, and contracts
Preferred Industries
Energy, alternative energy, mining, technology, software, healthcare, retail/e-commerce, construction services
Lien Priority
1st lien with stretch or unitranche
No development or real estate finance, no personal or consumer loans