Borrower Benefits
Third Eye Capital is passionate about improving the performance and creating value for the companies in which it invests. By being able to take a different perspective about a business, we often develop new insights and strategies to help guide borrowers to success with lower overall cost or loss of control than other financing options.
Entrepreneurial Decision Making
  • Quick decisions by successful entrepreneurs that have built, managed, and harvested businesses
  • Focused on helping businesses prosper and achieve business plans
  • Value-add through industry and capital market contacts
  • Not “loan to own” nor “loan to liquidate” investors
Innovative Structuring and Flexible Terms
  • Creative structuring to match unique circumstances of borrower
  • Relevant covenants based on borrower projections
  • Multiple interest and principal payment options
  • No prepayment penalties
Closing Certainty and Loan Stability
  • Credit availability from assets not earnings, so more predictable loan advances
  • Less risk of technical default due to financial covenant breaches
  • Consideration given to non-traditional assets such as mineral resources, intellectual property, long-term contracts, and contingent claims
  • Extensive experience in difficult-to-lend industries, such as technology, mining, energy, and construction services
  • No intercreditor issues and no syndication required
Improved Controls
  • TEC cash management and borrowing base reporting encourage better billing and collection practices, and more efficient supply chain
  • TEC investments perceived as being thoroughly vetted so third-party investor discussions easier and less costly
  • Transfer of best-practices in various business and financial processes given extensive industry experience
Lower Total Cost for Non-Bankable Borrowers
  • No rejection for lack of credit agency rating, size, high leverage, or near-term earnings misses
  • Significantly lower transaction expenses due to revolver and term credit capabilities, and minimal (or no) equity dilution